Sunday, February 24, 2008

Drum Roll Please

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Again I feel like super woman. I have made pitas. Gee, my self esteem should be skyrocketing by now. I've made granola, and I've made pitas. I'll tell ya, I've been trying to make pitas now for years. And they never, ever turned out as nice as these did. I am so excited. They were easy, soft, tasty and they actually have a pocket. Nadia had a grand ol time watching them puff. Here is a recipe for them. There seems to be a flourish of pita-makers right about now. Must be the cold weather or something. But I am super excited because the best thing to eat with hummus is pita! And I can't find pita anywhere in these parts. And hummus is one of those good for you foods that tastes great and works with a pregnant sick belly. A least this one. I don't think I'll ever buy pita's again. These are too good. I feel like how I did when I was able to make sandwich quality bread. It feels good. I love being a homemaker!!

Now I just gotta make some nice aprons. Here is a really good article on aprons, that I like. I do think homemakers need to feel they are 'on the job'. At least this one. With every other job you had things that showed your authority in the job, and with a homemaker, sometimes not a lot. So have a read on that.

And the other ladies doing pitas these days? Read on their success.

Chelsea's Pita's

Jessica's Pita's


Chelsea Rae said...

YAY! I am so glad they worked for you! We seem to have inspired a pita making party! Was your husband impressed? Nathaniel came home and said "Wow! You actually made these at home? Cool!"

There is no article linked for your aprons, it is funny that you are making one too, I have been wanting one for ages and Mary and I are off to fabric land to pick out some fabric today lol!!

Jessica Morris said...

Haha!! That made me laugh!!
Mine turned out - even though I put them on a cookie sheet rather than a rack *oops*!! So they never fully puffed up like the others pictures!
They tasted good though!!