Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Frugal Living Part 2

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In The Home
Here are just a few ideas of what I do for our frugal living in the home. Not as much as kitchen living, but it all adds up.
  • White vinegar is a wonderful cleaner. I make a vinegar water solution to clean countertops, windows, mirrors. It cleans so much better than windex and it doesn't have that chemical smell. Actually it makes me hungry for a salad most times.
    • We used it for fabric softener and brightener for a long time when we couldn't afford nor tolerate store bought fabric softener. We use a natural brand now.
    • The vinegar water solution is great for freshening a room or carpet. Since we cloth diaper Nadia (and I suppose anyone who has a child in any diapers would have this issue) her room can get a little whiffy. So I spray the pails, the carpet and then the air with it. It doesn't cover up the odors. It really gets rid of them. This is also good for cooking odors or if someone has been smoking. You can basically use this as a homemade febreeze.
  • Bleach cleans a toilet bowl nicer than the other stuff I've used. I know it takes away from the non-chemical thing I'm trying to get at, but it's the only chemical I use. Well I used to. We can afford the natural cleaner now.
  • Try to go as paperless as possible:
    • Rags, rags, rags! They are better for cleaning, won't tear up, or leave lint, they are more absorbent and nicer on faces. Just throw em in the wash and you have em for next time.
    • Cloth hankies. Especially nice for cold and allergy sufferers. You can make some out of leftover flannel scraps you have laying around. These are usually the best for this purpose.
    • Have dry erase boards for notes, lists, to do lists and such
    • Save bad printouts for notes to the store, or for drawing papers for the kids
  • Use cloth diapers
  • Sew yours and your families clothes
  • Repair clothes when you can
  • Iron your own clothes
  • Shop consignment, yard sales, thrift sales, church rummage sales (don't pay full price for anything)
  • Save up things you don't need taht would be yard sale worthy and have a yard sale
  • Don't throw anything away until you are sure you have no use for it
  • Before you buy something ask yourself these questions:
    • Do I NEED it? (and really think about this, is it a real need, or is it a want)
    • Can I make it?
    • Can I borrow it?
    • Can I buy it used somewhere?
  • If you do think you need it, wait one month and if you still need it, then shop, research for the best price- chances are if you have to buy it right now, it's impulse and you don't need it anyway.
  • Use cloth wipes
That's it for in the home. Please let me know what you think. I know some of these things seem like 'well duh'. But maybe not. Sometimes we need reminded. Remember, whether we are rich or poor the Lord has given us resources, be it money or other things, to live on. He calls us to be faithful, generous and good stewards of all our blessings. We are continuing to revamp our way of living. We are not perfect and a lot of these ideas are ideals to shoot for. It takes time to change.

Anyway. Have fun. I welcome your comments.

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Nola said...

Those are great ideas, which I also use in my own home. I go through TONS of vinegar around here! And I agree, rags are the best. That's what happens to all of our clothes that are WAY to worn out to do anything else with.

Have you ever seen the Dollar Stretcher Website? I get their emails. They have tons of ideas on all things frugal- and you can do a search on things. Anything you can think of, its there! www.thedollarstretcher.com there is a topical index on the right top of the screen on the main page.