Sunday, February 24, 2008

9 Weeks

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I thought maybe you'd like to see just how much I've popped. I know it's not so much baby, but I did not look like this until at least 16 weeks with Nadia. I was running around in 12's yesterday, fully unbuttoned and unzipped. And my size is a 10. The legs are way too big, so I know it's belly. I am 9.5 weeks. And yes, there is only one baby in there. I can't believe how fast I've grown!! This pic is all maternity clothes. A special thanks to my MIL for getting the pants and the top. Isn't it cute?? I bet she had fun shopping for maternity clothes again.


Kim said...

Kathryn - you're gorgeous!! Love the belly =)

Rachel F. said...

Oh, that's definitely a baby bump there! So cute. You look great! It's amazing how much more quickly your body responds to pregnancy once you've already had a baby.

TammyIsBlessed said...

Love the baby belly! I too was totally showing by 9 weeks this last time - we had to tell people way earlier than planned because it was just far too obvious.

Take care!

Jessica Morris said...

Kathryn you are so beautiful!!
And how sweet of your mil to buy you new clothes!!

Shannon said...

You look beautiful! My belly has popped too. I can't believe I already need maternity clothes!

Nola said...

Wow that's quite the belly for 9 weeks!

Just wanted to say that I enjoy your blog- my friend Shannon told me about it since I've been having window issues and she showed me what you did to winter proof yours.

I've been really encouraged by your blog though, since I am also a homemaker. I've enjoyed all your inspiring ideas!

I was so encouraged that I showed my husband...he just told me he left a comment before saying I was encouraged by it so I thought I should tell you myself. I guess he knows I often feel like the last homemaker on earth! Nice to know there is someone else following God's calling. :)