Monday, September 06, 2010


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I had THE most screamin awesome weekend I've had in a long time. I think the last one was the weekend spent away for our 5th anniversary.

To start with, I got to preach sunday morning! Woohoo! Now that being said, the kids were sick, I mean Nadia was puking and Rhys was coming down with a cold. Nadia had a cold too, but when she gets one she pukes. (Anyone got any advice on that, I'll listen!) Yuck. So Andrew couldn't go to church. I was there, all alone. Well not all alone, but you know, I didn't have my most amazing hubby to look at for courage. I had to totally rely on the Lord, which I suppose is a better lesson anyway. But it went well. He is faithful and I'm glad I did it. I look forward to the next time I can do it again.
Then, today, I completed my first 5K! My time was 34.24. Which for me was great! Most of the time in my training sessons I did about 40 mins. So I improved! And the course was tough. Rocky, rutted, dirt trail, with wet grass, hills and then some road. I'm used to road. But I finished and I finished well. I'm super excited and am dreaming about the next one. That's nuts. I am going to take a break a bit, I get bored easily with the same thing. I will still run 1 day a week for a few months, 5K distance just to keep it up, but I'm also getting out my bike and biking once a week. I'll still do strength training 2x a week and then the other cardio will be whatever my little heart desires. I need to keep it fun and fresh or I'll get bored and whimpy in my workouts. Not good. Here are a few pics from the day:

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TammyIsBlessed said...

Way to go Kathryn - I'm proud of you!!