Wednesday, September 15, 2010


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There. I said it. We've all been thinking it, so I saved you the pain and said it first.

I'm sewing this year. In an effort to save money, reduce my stash and strut my stuff, I'm sewing everyone's christmas gifts. That is, everyone in my house. I'm super stoked about these ideas I found online, so I thought I'd share.

Rhys is getting a quilt. A jean quilt to be exact. Nadia got one on her 2nd year christmas, so will Rhys. (I'm type A remember? Things have to be precise!) Her's looked like this:

She still uses it.  It's on her bed right now, in fact.  It's quite heavy and yes it's made out of old jeans and an old jean skirt.  She stuffs clean tissues in the pockets when she's gota cold.  It works quite well.  Anyhoo, Rhys' will be more of a diamond strip quilt.  I will not put any batting in the middle, the flannel backing the heavy jean material make it thick and warm enough.  I do, however, put a layer of muslin just to keep the raw seams from wearing out the flannel.  I'm about halfway through this project. 

Nadia's Christmas gifts are super cute this year.  And super easy.  Check out these links for ultra-girlie, ultra princessy gifts.  She is going to go ga-ga.  Hopefully, she won't change her tastes in 4 months.  Ugh.  I'd hate it if she suddenly liked Hannah Montana, or something super trendy like that.  Oh perish the thought.  Anyway, the links:

I told you, super cute, super princessy, and super easy! 

And Andrew is getting another vest.  It's about time.  He's been rotating through the same 5 vests for two years now.  Poor guy.  I haven't quite figured out what color to do for him, but we'll find something.  

Now don't tell them what they are getting.  Hopefully it gets cold here soon and the garden will die and I can get more sewing done.  

I should have my Junk quilt done soon to show you.  

Till then my friends!

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Anonymous said...

LOVE the ideas for Nadia! In fact...I'll be swiping them. So perfect for my girls.
I'm going to be sewing or knitting my gifts this year. Or gift in a jar!