Wednesday, July 07, 2010

I'll Fly Away....

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I love that song.

My grandmother has passed. You may remember my grandmother Evelyn having had a stroke about a year and a half ago right before Christmas. She rallied and was doing quite well, considering, since that time. I saw her about a year ago. In the past month she weakened and she declared her independence from this life on July 4th. I miss her. She was my closest grandparent. I know she's in fine form in heaven and I'll see her again. But I still miss her.

A friend from church sent me a poem she wrote about occasions like these. I asked her permission to post it and she agreed. It fits.

Stand Not There...
~Ruth Kephart~

Stand not by my grave and weep
Where my body’s buried cold and deep
I am not, nor, were ever there
Beneath the ground now striped and bare

Stand not by my casket closed
Head bowed down, your stance reposed
Wherein the lowly vessel lies
I am not there, mine is the skies

Please, stand not under falling rain
In cemetery filled with pain
Where mourners gather out of love
I am not there, I’ve rose above

Oh stand not there, and do not cry
My dearest friends, I’ll tell you why
I’ve gone to greater places far
Above soft clouds and glistening star

'Till one day we shall meet once more
Where angels sing on golden shore
So do not stand there, do not weep
Let my body go, my memory keep

See ya later, Grandma.


Kim said...

(((hugs))) to you, Kathryn, as you grieve the passing of your grandmother.

Chelsea Rae said...

I'm so sorry Kathryn.

Having just experienced this myself only a few months ago I understand how awful it is. I'm still waiting for it to feel real.

Prayers for you as you try to find peace with everything.