Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Perfect Reuben

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Besides having an awesome name (which, by the way means, See, here, a son!) Reubens are pretty favored around our house. Andrew loves them. I prefer a Rachel (which means 'ewe') myself. As such, we have them not often, but enough to have picked up some tricks of the trade for a non-soggy scrumptious Reuben.

Rye bread - lightly toasted, this is important!
Corned beef
swiss cheese
sauerkraut - well drained, like for 5 minutes over the sink in a colander
1000 island dressing

I've found that an electric skillet is best for cooking up these sandwiches, makes for easier flipping.

Pre-heat skillet, butter one piece of toast and place buttered toast side down on the skillet. Spread the 1000 island dressing over the piece of toast. Place one piece of swiss cheese, pile half of the meat you want to use for that sandwich, a nice, but not overly amount of sauerkraut, making sure it's even. Then the second half of meat, then cheese and then spread more 1000 island dressing over the cheese and place another piece of buttered toast on top. Cook covered for a few minutes. Check toasting with a large turner and carefully turn if toasted to your liking. Cover. Check. Then serve!

Sandwiching the sauerkraut in between the meat and cheese helps to keep the juices from leaking into the bread, making it soggy. When you eat it, the juices dribble out the sides on to the plate, rather than through the bread.

So that's our Reubens at our house. We use homemade Rye bread of course!


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