Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Nuts About Soapnuts

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I thought I'd give my short review on a new thing I'm using. I've discovered soapnuts. And while I used them once about a year ago, I've really given them a try just this week. I always do laundry on monday and it's a doozy of a day. We are talking about 7-10 loads. Then I do some catch up loads during the week, like rags or cloth napkins. Cloth diapers are about 3x a week. I used the soapnuts yesterday. I LOVE THESE THINGS! They got out old stains, set in stains. Stains that I thought were there to stay! My clothes are soft, they are brighter, my whites are whiter. I'm hooked. My clothes just smell clean. We don't do a whole lot of fragrances around here and I'm trying to cut costs and chemicals. Well this is the way to do it! They did well in all washing temps. Do to cold you just have to make a tea and I could see the soap coming out of it. So I know they work.

The only thing I have about them is I'm not real sure when they are used up. I guess that's just a trial and error sort of thing. But I am saving the 'used up' ones and going to put a whole bunch together for some not as dirty loads. Like napkins. The other thing is it's hard to actually find the little bag at the end of a load. But I just search and find it.

I bought a bag of pieces, which are really halves and they work just as well as the whole pieces, if not better. They are WAY cheaper. I bought mine from amazon, but NaturOil is the company. I did my research and they are reputable. I encourage you to try them. I don't think I'll be buying laundry soap or softener for a long time!

Save money, better for my family, gets clothes cleaner, better for the environment. I like it!


Brandy said...

Alright, alright. I'll try them!!!

You're like the 4th person to rave about them!

Rachel F. said...

I've wondered how they work and almost got a sample once. Perhaps I'll have to check them out again. :) Thanks for the review.

Rachel F. said...

I ordered myself a sample pack. Can't wait for them to come! :)

TammyIsBlessed said...

I wonder if there's any place in Canada that sells them?