Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

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I don't believe in Valentines Day. If Andrew only showed his appreciation and love for me one day out of the year, we'd have problems. I could really care less about getting sweets (hello! I'm always dieting!) or stuffed animals, or other worthless junk. I know he loves me, he shows me everyday. And I am more thankful for his everyday love than what he could buy for me one day out of the year.

That being said look what Andrew got me for Valentines Day!! (Ok, so I bought it myself, but told him he was off the hook. Heh heh)

I bought these from Crystal at her online shop 2bellesandabead.com.  This was a custom order and came so fast!  I don't change out my earrings all that often, but when I saw these I knew what I wanted.  These are leverbacks that the dangles can be changed out.  So I got one whole set of earrings with three other dangle sets.  Purple, red, white and blue.  They are sort of like little flowers.  I really like them!   Here is a link to similar ones on her sight.  Ruby Red Poppy Earrings


I realized after I took the picture and uploaded it that the dangle is hanging off the wrong spot.  It's supposed to be up in that little nook. 

So head on over and check out all the cute little goodies Crystal has.  That woman is seriously crafty and creative.  I don't buy earrings from anywhere else anymore.  I have two pairs from her.  I wear my earrings all the time...bathing, exercising, sleeping.  And the metal or gems haven't peeled, discolored or chipped.  Her prices are very reasonable considering the high quality you get and you get free shipping in the US!  I love this store!! 


Bethany said...

You've got the right idea... forget sweets and toys... go straight for the jewelry. My kinda gal!!! ;-)

Crystal said...

So sweet! We're glad you like them. :)