Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sew Many Projects!

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Just a few projects I've been working on...

This is the quilt I made for Rhys for his birthday.  I made it out of his old recieving blankets.  That is a picture of the embroidered airplane that was on one of the blankets.  He loves it.

This is the robe that I made for myself.  I had like three robes, but they were all either too heavy, or too long, or didn't stay together (which kinda defeats the purpose of a robe, doesn't it?).  I'm really proud of the facing.  Usually the facing looks really crappy on my stuff.  But this turned out so much better.  I won't be embarrassed if someone sees my facing. 

I am in the process (have been for over a year now, it just kinda sits around till I get a moment to work on it) of making a quilt for Andrew and I's bed.  I have a tendency to steal covers so we need a unique size and I have tons of pieces of fabric not really big enough to make a piece of clothing with, so I'm making a huge quilt.  I've not made one for us and I'm really taking the time to do it.  These are the first two blocks I've got done.  They look really good in the picture, although I can already see imperfections.  But that's what gives it character, right?  I am planning on putting a unbleached muslin spacer (because I've got lots of that) between each block, left, right, up and down and then a square in the corner of each.  I don't think I'll put much of a border on this, the spacers will act like that.  Then a binding.  yay.  I love making bindings.  Yuk.  What do you think?

That's what I've been sewing these days.  And I'm not planning on any other sewing projects, I really want to get this quilt done.  Since we are going away for Christmas, and I mean AWAY, I don't think I'll sew anything for Christmas gifts.

Then after that quilt is done, I'm going to make this.

I've got so many scraps and stuff like that, I need to wean out my stash!  That quilt will be for our guest bed.


Stacy said...

I just finished my first quilt with my aunt helping me, and we didn't make a separate binding for it. What she did was to cut the backing about 8" wider than needed in each direction, then sort of turn it under and use that to finish the front of the quilt.

Rachel F. said...

I'm so jealous! I wish I had time to sew. Plus, my sewing machine is packed away in the shed. My mother-in-law is making a quilt for me, though. I picked out the colors and arranged the pieces and she is putting it together for me.