Thursday, October 15, 2009

I'm a Runner...

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I'm a runner. Did y'all know that? I run alot. I run to the grocery store. I run when the kids are beating each other up. I run downstairs to change over the laundry. I run out the church. I run to the bank. I run out the garden to get a carrot or two. I run out the garage to get something from the freezer. Yessirree, I do an awful lot of running.

But today, I just want to run. I want to run away. Both kids are sick and there is a snow storm on the way. The house is devoid of food (not true, but it sounds better) and I have an appt this afternoon over the river and through the woods (and incidentally over a mountain ridge!). Sometimes I want to just run away. Oh I'd come back. Eventually.

But I won't. I'm much to responsible for that.

Anyone want to form a running group?


Sarah said...

LOL...I totally want to be part of that group at times.

Rachel F. said...

Count me in! I'll join. :)