Saturday, October 17, 2009

Natural Home Care

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I'm all about word of mouth, well, word of blogging anyway. I thought I'd pass along a great website that has tons of natural homemade cleaning solutions. I'm making the disinfectant solution and pouring it over torn up towel wipes so that I can wipe down the bathroom in a snap. Keeping it all in a ice cream bucket under the sink. I am adding just a drop of tea tree oil for added bug fighting.

I'm a bit anal, but that's ok, if it keeps my family healthy!

Non-Toxic Home Care

The disinfecting solution does wipe up a bathroom really nice.  Make sure you wring out the cloth really well and it should dry without spots.  It did well on my chrome, a bit of spotting, but nothing like the toothpaste crap and soap crap that gets on there.  It shined it up nicely.  Also the disinfecting solution recipe makes enough to cover one bath sized towel cut up.  

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Shannon said...

I put lavender or orange EO in my vinegar spray to help disinfect. I'm also in love with some homemade thieves oil. It's supposed to be awesome for killing germs and keeping people healthy. It smells so good.