Friday, April 24, 2009

White Noise

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How many of you sleep with a white noise machine? What about your children? My children do and I want to wean them off of it. But I am afraid I'll have sleepless nights for a while till they do. We had machines that ran all night and they went kaput. So I bought new ones, well they only run on a timer and then shut off after certain time increments. The longest being an hour. I worry they will wake up. Tonight is the first night of it. So far so good, although Rhys just rustled and seemed irritated, so I popped the bink back in. Trips to the dr's are always rough on the kids. We have to travel a bit and then we usually have to get a prescription so the day is long and he doesn't get good naps that day. Anyway, I'm worried about all this and I shouldn't be. Why am I even blogging about this? Oh I know, because I"M TIRED AND WORN OUT!!

Pray for me.


Stacy said...

We sleep with white noise (it drowns out the dog barking next door), but ours is a CD with rain sounds. We just set it to repeat and it plays all night.

Shannon said...

I have white noise in Ellie's room to drown out us and her loud baby sister :) I have white noise in our room for ME :)

Rachel F. said...

We use white noise machines for our boys (and us) but they run all night. I've been thinking that maybe I need to wean them off as well which I thought I could do by gradually lowering the volume every couple days until it's barely there. We have problems like last night when the electricity goes off and they wake up and freak out with the sudden silence. Plus you always have to remember to take it with you when you travel.