Friday, April 24, 2009

Little Bit o Dis

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Life has been, shall we say, hectic around here. Forgive me for not blogging of late. Here is a quick summary of what's going on...

I am slowly getting things in my garden that can go in at this point. Such as onions (we have 3 types), spinach, lettuce, and beets (we are trying those this year, as we love pickled beets and eggs). I am planning on getting my potatoes in soon. I can't wait to see those wonderful, beautiful plants coming up.

We have sickness in the house again. Seems like we just chased it out not so long ago. Nadia's been puking off and on for a week now. It's not the stomach flu, ya know, where you throw up for like a day and then you recover. She throws up like once a day, sometimes twice and then it's done. However, her stomach is constantly hurting and she isn't eating very much. We caved and let her eat her cheesy sunchips. Poor girl. One look at her and you can see she's sick. Went to the dr today, Nadia has pinkeye and a double ear infection, not to mention a cold. We think what is happening is that the mucous from her nose is draining into her empty stomach and well, her body says 'get on outta here'. And up it comes. We got a decongestant for her and hopefully, I pray, she's doing good so far tonight. In the past nights she's usually thrown up by this point. Rhys has an ear infection, which probably explains why he's been getting up so stinkin early. I am feeling a cold coming on too, but I've been hitting with everything I have. Garlic, echinacea, fluids, zinc, vitamin C. Pray for all us, because....

We leave on sunday for the annual conference. We will be staying with Andrew's parents for a few days. I hopefully, if the kids are better, will get to see my new nephew and just a few days of relaxation. Andrew is receiving his lifetime ordination. This is a huge deal for us. This is something he's been waiting for for a loooooong time. We are grateful.

I am continuing to drop weight. I love it. I had the dawning realization that I had no summer clothes. Last summer I wore matnerity summer clothes, and the summer before that I was a size 14/16. I had since gotten rid of all of those. I had a few shirts I could wear but no shorts or capris. So I went to walmart and *gasp* I'm in a size 10 again!! The one pair I could've worn an 8, but they didn't have that size. And I was shocked to find out that walmart doesn't have sizes below a 6. It was only 9 years ago that I was at the other end of the spectrum. I was a 28. At that point they hadn't come out with the 30/32 size for plus sized women yet. I was worried. What was I going to do if I had gained anymore weight? Thank you Jesus, I didn't. But now I'm at the other end. It's kinda nice.

That's all for now. I'm tired, Andrew is on the phone with an old friend and we have 15 minutes left of LOST. *sigh* Goodnight all, see ya in the funny papers!


Shannon said...

Poor Nadia and Rhys. I hope everyone is better soon. Congrats on the weight loss :)

Rachel F. said...

I just now caught up with your blog. I hope everyone is doing better. Jessie throws up with mucus too--I know exactly what you're talking about (unfortunately)!

And congrats on continuing to lose more weight--see, what did I tell you? You're doing great. Our Walmarts out this way go down to size 4 I think.