Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Lookee At What I Did!!

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I made a 'baby-in-a-bag' by just copying the one he already had!! I used two recieving blankets that we don't use anymore and put it together in like 2 hours!! I did use Jan Andrea's instructions and it worked so well. If he needs more I will make more, because I have tons of zippers (my grandmother was from the great depression) and more recieving blankets. I couldn't bear to pay $12 for a sleeper he might only use for 3 months. And I scoured out good will for some and could only find one. So this is what I did! YAY!
Here's my happy little guy all ready for bed in his new sleeper.
I have matching blankets, but being that this was my first one I didn't want to mess up really nice ones, so that's why the back is striped and the front is pooh. But he doesn't care. Isn't this cool?

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Chelsea Rae said...

That's awesome Kathryn! I have good intentions of trying to make a couple for Luke. Hopefully they turn out as good as yours!!