Friday, April 24, 2009

No-Poo Update

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So I've been no-pooing it for a while now, I can't remember how long, a month maybe? Well it was going great, until..... I got frizzy dry hair. NOOOOOOO!!!!

So I tried a honey rinse. Bad idea. Well the idea itself wasn't bad, what was bad, was not following the recipe exactly. Hmm, that looks like 1 tsp of honey and that looks like 4 cups of water. Eww, why is my hair crunchy? It said not to rinse. I had to keep my hair up all day because Rhys likes to chew on my hair and well, honey's not good for infants under 12 mo's ya know.

But, the next day, when I washed my hair the outcome was glorious. It did turn out really nice. And I realized I was using too much baking soda, so I cut back on that and my hair is not so frizzy anymore. I'm really oiling it well too with the jojoba oil. It all seems to be working.


Rachel F. said...

Glad you figured out what was up. I still haven't managed to go totally no-poo, but I've been using the vinegar rinse. I'll try baking soda to wash on Saturday morning. We're going to a formal dinner with the Faith Academy high schoolers (I'm making the cake! Aack!) on Friday, so I don't want to do it before then and not know how it will react.

Rachel F. said...

I no-pooed last night. I had mowed the grass and taken a run, so I needed to shower before bed. I figured it was a perfect time to try it out since if it was icky I could re-wash it in the morning before work. So I got the baking soda out of the pantry and brought it upstairs to the shower. Well...

It looks great so far! Shiny, clean with nice waves. And I didn't even use my frizz control cream. Just a bit of hair spray. Kevin says it doesn't smell bad either. We'll see if this continues.