Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's Bedtime Kathryn....

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Someone tell me to go to bed!! I am tired. I am ready for bed, well I need to do some last minute stuff, but I'm ready. I don't want to really be sitting here at the computer doing nothing. I've checked all my regular 'hang-outs' (which sadly one of them happens to be this blog) several times now, nothing new to add to my already full brain. Hubby is off on a long distance visit, won't be back till very late. Long story. And I just need to get into that bed. I don't know when Rhys will wake up to eat or what the night will hold. But.... I. Need. To. Go. To. Bed. (Do you know how irritating it is to type a period after every word? It's the first time I've done it. I'm not doing it again, I'll bold or underline, but not that. Why do people do it?) Now I'm rambling.

Ok, I'm going.


Wait, gotta check the weather.

Ok! Ok! I'm going. *sigh*

I have no life.


Stacy said...

I SO hear you on that one! I do the same thing, almost every night. I know if I could just convince myself to go to bed I'd be asleep in no time, but I keep twiddling away on the computer.

Joan said...

Sometimes is is just nice to relax in a quiet house! I find the computer can inspire me and help me to turn the day off!

Rachel F. said...

Ah, yes. The end-of-the-day computer routine. I do it too. To the detriment of my house cleaning! Oh well. It does help me unwind and it's the only time I can be on the computer without little ones begging to play on pbskids.org! Of course, you'd think since I'm on the computer all day at work I wouldn't want to touch one at home, but such is not the case... sigh!