Tuesday, November 18, 2008

2 AM Confusion

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Middle of the night feedings aren't so bad. In fact, I kinda like snuggling with my baby, just him and me all cozy, no other noises or interruptions. It's nice. But there is one thing that continues to elude me and my fuzzy mind at 2 AM and it's SLEEPERS WITH ALL THOSE GOSH DARN SNAPS!! Whose idea was it anyway to put a million and one snaps on such a small piece of clothing for mothers who are at half wit anyway? It's nuts! I get to the bottom, thinking I've got it right this time and lo and behold, I'm off, again. So I have to undo all the snaps I just did and redo them, again. Ugh. It really is irritating.

I've gotten to the point of Rhys' life where I'll wake up with a start wondering if I've fed the baby. I seriously can't remember feeding, changing and putting him back down to bed. One time when Nadia was small and Andrew was bringing her to me in bed to feed I woke up and thought I had fallen asleep and lost her in the sheets somewhere! I actually looked for like a split second before reason got to me. I had put her back, I had just slept through the whole thing. It's a wonder my children are as well turned out as they are. Thank goodness babies can't remember.

But, oh well, I'm sure Rhys doesn't really care as long as he's fed, dry and snuggled he's happy. And well, so is this half wit mother...

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Rachel F. said...

Look for sleepers with zippers! Much, much easier and faster! LOL! I, too, would get mixed up on the snaps--even in the daytime when I was supposedly awake! :)