Sunday, June 08, 2008

Busy Busy Busy!! And 24 week pic.

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24 Weeks22 Week Pic

We have been extremely busy this past week. Last friday I drove out of state for my best girlfriend's Master's Graduation. It was just me and Nadia. It was hot. Very hot. We stayed in a hotel for the night, went to the graduation ceremony the next day and left directly after. Four hours both ways with just me and the munchkin, well lets just say I was never happier to see my four walls again.

Then on sunday we had our VBS opening. I am teaching the Kindergarten class. I really am enjoying immensely. Although, ours is 7-9 and it is tiring. Nadia usually goes to bed at 8pm, but all this week it's been 9:45 or so. You know, the pastor and his family is the last to go. But she sleeps in and takes a long afternoon nap. I just can't seem to get anything done at home. And we've had great weather for growing. A few good days of sun and hot and then lots of rain last night. So I've been in the garden trying to weed, plant the last of the seeds and tomatoes and just try to get everything in. I have folded laundry and laundry that needs done all over the place. The floor needs vacuuming and bathrooms need cleaned. Kitchen needs mopped and my Aunt and Uncle from Michigan decided they were going to visit for a day or two this week, but they're not sure when they are coming in! My treadmill is being delivered this week and we forgot a car appt for my car for breaks. Ugh!! It has been one busy week.

I did have my midwife appt last week. Did I tell you we are planning on birthing this babe at home? I struggled with actually writing that, I'm not sure who all reads this, but we have a wonderful home birth midwife, who I just love. I feel so at peace. And she does so much more to educate me. I got my records from my previous practice and while she was looking over my labs from earlier in my pregnancy, she noticed that my iron levels were low. And I was never told this before. That explains why I am so tired!! So she told me what to eat to get it back up. I don't eat much red meat, the hormones in it just do a number on me and it expensive. So I've been eating more dried fruit, soy and a tablespoon of blackstrap molasses everyday. Ew. But I do have more energy now. I'm tired, but not fatigued and exhausted. There is a difference I can see. So I'm going to do that everyday and I'm not constipated like I would be if I was taking a supplement. Plus the molasses have B vitamins in them too. I am feeling better.

That's whats been going on at the parsonage these past couple of days. I thought you might enjoy some pics of things around here.

I think we will be putting the corn and cantaloupe in on friday. I'll try to get a pic of everything here soon. Oh! I have peas!
She is so beautiful! I know I am biased.
This is when we were visiting my inlaws over Memorial Day. She somehow got all those balls on her fingers.
Here she is just being goofy.

Look at those dirty feet! And can you see the foot print by her one foot? It is so cute!

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Crystal said...

I wanted to birth at home when we were TTC. I hope it goes well for you! :)

Nadia is such a little doll. You know, if you want to be bad, you can bake that blackstrap molasses into some cookies. *grin* It does have a rather strong taste!