Friday, June 20, 2008

26 Weeks

Goodness!! Trying to navigate blogger this morning is terrible! That stinkin counter thing is messing me up. GRRRRR. It's been a busy morning already, and it's not even 9 o'clock.

I am 26 weeks now and more days than not feeling pregnant. Funny, though, there are days I have to look down to remember that I am pregnant. Those days I just don't feel pregnant. But that's ok, I enjoy the reprieve, it will be soon that I'm feeling it every minute of everyday. Baby moves a lot and is very strong. I am already in love with him and can't wait to meet him. I am hoping with this notable change of thought that my postpardum stage will be a lot easier than last time. I've hired a young girl to come work for a few hours a day to keep the house up. That way I can just enjoy sitting nursing, or reading to Nadia, or napping, if I get a chance. In two weeks I'll officially be in the third trimester, I can't believe it!

We decided to go camping with extended family at the end of next week. We are renting a cabin. Everyone else has campers, I just can't do tenting when I am pregnant and it's so noisy for Nadia when she's trying to nap. Not only that, but I worry about her when she's sleeping at night, it gets so cold. It'll be nice to have a private place to get away to. Tents just don't feel private to me.

Then the week after that, my in laws are coming out. I enjoy having them here. That means we gotta get some stuff cleaned up in the basement. I feel like calling someone to watch Nadia all day so that Andrew and I can get stuff done. It feels like things have been piling up left and right since during VBS week. Just for my peace of mind here is my to do list:
  • Clean both bathrooms, including tub and shower curtain
  • Diapers
  • Weed the garden
  • Look for potato bugs
  • Make guest bed
  • Dust
  • Dig up/replant bulbs
  • Plant sunflower seeds
  • Vacuum
  • Iron
  • Mop hard floors
  • Trash cans
  • Letters/cards to various people
  • Chocolate chip cookies to my helpers
  • Recipes to Dad and Aunt
  • Organize bathroom closet
  • Curtains boxed up and moved
  • Dishes
  • Redd up (for those of you who aren't PA Dutch, or don't read any Amish books, that means tidy up.)
I think thats it. I think that's enough.

I got a new treadmill. That's something I've been wanting for a long time. Since I no longer have a gym membership, it's well worth it. Plus hubby said he would use it too. That way I can exercise when I am really big, but not have to worry about being bothered (Do you know how many pregnant women are attacked for their babies?) or about the heat. Plus I can jump on it for 5-10 minutes after the baby is born to rebuild strength and get back into shape. Then, later on, I can start jogging again.

We have finally, after 5 years, taken our cars in for some much needed work done to them. My car only needed brake pads and rotors done. Less than $125. But Andrew's car, whew! That needed lots of work done. Front and rear struts, front brakes, inspection, oil change, some body work for rust. Just over $1000. But better that price than that of a new car. We both get 38 mpg. Can't find that. Then my car needs at least two, if not, four new tires. We'll see. We've been blessed by the garage we found, they do good work fast and for a great price. We are thankful.

And it looks like I'll get to see a good friend of mine at the end of July. Andrew is on a commission that is meeting in our old hometown, so we'll get to spend some time with them.

I've been trying to save money wherever I can. That includes the co-op I am a part of. I travel 45 minutes one way to pick up an order. That's a lot for just a few things. The local healthfood store is able to now get refrigerated trucks in, so I can get my Stoneyfield Yogurt and maybe some of their frozen yogurts in too. I sent the poor lady a laundry list of things I buy from Frankferd Farms to see what her prices are. Even if they are a bit higher I might still go with her because it keeps money here locally, it is a much much shorter drive, so that means I'll save on gas. Plus she gets brown, organic eggs for a super cheap price, cheaper than the walmart ones! And I think she can get me local honey for a good price too. I am also asking her what her prices are on the individual loose teas I buy, to see how she can help me there. I am sending a lot of business her way, hopefully. But it will work out good for both of us in the long run.

My garden is doing really well, and so are the weeds! I've been spending the past week and a half at getting them out. Now it's just maintenance. We've eaten snap peas and have had lettuce for weeks now. Everything is up, although the corn hasn't come up yet, it's been a little cold here for the past few days. I know there are little potatoes, I saw one peeking through the dirt. I need to get clean mulch for them. And the sweet potatoes are doing super! I can't wait till we get squash and tomatoes. Yum, I can taste that supper now.

Nadia's been a trial for a little bit here. She changes her mind constantly on what she wants and then when I think we've got winner, she won't eat it. So I don't give in. She doesn't seem to understand about telling the truth, or maybe she does and thinks that fibbing will keep her from discipline. No, honey, it won't. She's still our sweet girl and we love her to pieces, it's just difficult right now. I think I may have a solution to the potty training issue. If she is running around diaper-less, she notices the need to potty better. I don't think she likes the dirty or wet feeling so much. We'll see. I'll let you know.

Well I'd better get to my laundry list of things to be done. I should say I plan for a nap everyday. I need it and so does my family! Blessings!

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