Thursday, June 12, 2008

VBS and all other alphabet soups

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VBS is so over!! Stick a fork in me, I'm done!! And after the closing tonight I don't even want hubby around. *gasp* that's a first for me! I am an introvert, I am so peopled out I can't take another person around me. I'll pop. There is a young woman at our church, unmarried, but wanting pregnancy and children so badly. Anytime I am around her she pummels me with questions about pregnancy, breastfeeding and EVERY SINGLE TIME WANTS TO TOUCH MY BELLY!! I realize that we older women are supposed to guide and educate the younger women, but my goodness, I couldn't take anymore! I ate too many chocolate chip cookies.

But my kids, they were so good. And I told them so. So sweet and loud singers. I loved them. The one girl asked me if I would be back next year, I told her I would. It's nice to be able to say that. She also came up to me, looked at my protruding belly and in a very small voice said "are you going to have a baby?" I told her I was.

But even after the whole week and getting up and down off the floor numerous times in a 15 min time span, I was caught with the spirit, the thrust of VBS. Lord please let Your word permeate these children. The Word says that His Word will not return to Him void. I pray this on these children. So young, so impressionable, so lovable. Lord let Your remnant come home and praise You once again.

It has been a strengthening passion in me from the Lord about the NEED for believers to be in the Word, devouring the Word, speaking about the Word and meditating on the Word. When I am in prayer it comes up everytime.

My friend, I plead with you, be in the Word. It is our life, our bread, our water. Without it we cannot survive. I don't know how believers do it. I don't know how I did it for years. I truly understand it better everytime I read it. And everytime I read it, I want more.

Do you want true change in your own self? Be in the Word. Change in your marriage? The Word. Your children? The Word. The Word. The Word. I will not apologize for this passion. I believe it is a change agent for the world. I pray you would know this deep and rich blessing which is His Word.

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