Saturday, April 05, 2008

Children Are A Blessing From the Lord

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I think sometimes I forget the last part of that saying. Sometimes children don't feel like a blessing. I have struggled with being a mother. I really have. I butt heads with my daughter so much (maybe she's more like me than I realize.) Sometimes I don't really enjoy being a mother. But I read something today that gave me peace, and I realize maybe a little mercy? too. Becoming a mother wasn't all up to me. God had a big part in it too. Whether I'd make a good mother or not wasn't the measuring stick I had to stand up to. God, in His wisdom, decided to bless us. And I always thought, if this is such a blessing, why is it so hard? Well difficulty in life doesn't mean we are on the wrong path. Difficulty is used to shape us. Well all I have to say is that, I must gonna be something beautiful someday, because being a mother is really tough.

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Donna said...

It is tough, for sure. A friend of mine once told me that nothing worth having is or SHOULD come easy. I think she was right.