Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Return to civilization

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We are back. Boo. But that means we had a great time! We stayed in a very nice cabin, ate lots of food and slept. It was nice. We did nothing. It was very nice. Nadia did great for Andrew's parents, but WOW did she make up for it as soon as we got back. Andrew was trying to get her ready for bed and she was upset over wanting a toy or something in the living room that Andrew wouldn't let her have, it was time for bed. She got so upset, she threw up her dinner all over the bathroom floor. WHERE HAS MY SWEET BABY GONE? Andrew and I are seriously wondering what is going on. Is it just the terrible two's? I mean, good grief. However, it was sort of a good thing, though, because she knows that throwing a temper tantrum like that gets her nowhere and that throwing a temper tantrum makes her throw up. She's never really done that before, throw up that is.
How is the 30 day challenge going? Well, good and not good. Somedays I forget to read it! And then I will forget, on days that I do read it, to tell him the thing I'm supposed to tell him! So, since I read it in the morning, I am going to write the thing on a piece of stationery and put it at his breakfast plate. But I think I am getting better at not saying things that are negative. Although, I think it is coming off as the silent treatment. My thought is, when we are having a disagreement, instead of saying the things that are non-productive not to say anything. I will have to somehow explain this to him. I think he will understand.
It is extremely warm here for the season. Mid 60's. Usually we'd be in the low 20's. Lots of walks today, this weather will not last.
I am putting together another project for myself. I am vest-ed out. But we do need a nicer blanket for our bed. The one we have has pulls and all those little wear balls all over it. So I am going to make this. I hope I can put it together ok. Looks easy enough and maybe, just maybe I can make it from the scraps in my bags. Ugh, you should see my scrap bags! Although, after having looked at it I think I will tone down the colors. Might be a bit too colorful for Andrew. You know, him being a guy and all. But it is easy!
Well time for breakfast!

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Shannon said...

I'm glad you had fun! Ellie is always temperamental after she's been without us. She's so good for everyone else, then comes home and lets all her frustration out. I hope Nadia is calmer soon. I know how frustrating it can be!