Friday, January 18, 2008

Choose Life

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This sunday is Sanctity of Human Life Sunday and all next week is observance of it. We often think of just the wee babes in womb when we think of this. But Life affects all of us. In honor of Life, the gift that God has given all of us (and because my brain is on furlough at the moment) I am going to be posting pictures of people celebrating life!
The first and foremost (and the cutest!)

My daughter! These were taken 6weeks and 12 weeks respectively, a few years ago. In the first one, we could already see her heartbeat. It was amazing.
And our pious little one here:

Some interesting information on the first trimester, which probably all of you know, because you've all had babies before! But it's fun to read about anyway. These little souls that God chooses to bless us with. To think, He allows us the blessing of growing these little people. To know life is in you. Changes how you live your life.

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