Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I changed my mind.....

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But I can, right? I mean it's a womans' prerogative. And I am just sure I spelled that word wrong, looks more like pirogies. I spelled that one wrong too. That, my friends, is why I rely heavily on spell check. I am sure my former boss is cringing right now. You see, I used to work for an Editor. I would look for grammatical errors and spelling errors in publications. Not all, but a few. Fewwwww, glad THAT secret is out. Anyway. Sorry Rachel! But I gained a great friend, even if I couldn't spell. Inherited that from Dad.
I decided to make this. Andrew really likes it, I actually get conversation about it, more than a passing glance. And it will use scraps! And scraps I have! Let me tell you what! And I don't have to think anymore than dark and light colors, none of this matching stuff. I'm not real good at that. I have a tendency to think "does everyone else think that looks nice?" When really I need to think "do I like that?" I think too much about what others think. Anyway, now that I've said that, what do you think?
BTW, tonight Andrew had a board meeting, so I got to put Nadia to bed. The only thing coming out of her mouth tonight were sweet kisses on my cheeks. She does things like this just to remind me that she's still there, but sort of on hold for a bit.
Then she got out of bed and got her toenail bent back in the door. Poor girl. She just can't get a break. I heard the door opening and went right to the door. Well when she saw me, she shut the door again "I'm not really out of bed, mama...." Yeah right, wasn't born yesterday kid. So I open the door, well her foot was behind it. And while an adult would have a toe big enough to stop the door, Nadia's toe is juuuuust small enough to fit under. But the toenail does not. Yes, folks, her toenail actually bent up. I don't know if it broke off or anything, but I got some ice, put it on her while holding her in the rocking chair. She didn't cry much, just sort of said "ow, my toe is in the door!" She's very intuitive. Only kinda whimpered. I used it as a teaching moment. Then I got a "bob" band aid, put it on and then put a sock over it. She liked the band aid. I didn't want to spend too much over it, as she had settled down. Oh and I gave her a pain reliever, as I'm sure, if it doesn't hurt now, will hurt like heck later. If I was still breastfeeding, I would've shot it full of breastmilk. But, alas, they are as deflated as the day is long. Doesn't help that I've lost weight. I don't think they've ever been this small, or flat, or droopy. But yet, a D cup is still considered a bit on the large side, is it not? I wonder how big I was before? Oh, the wonders of breastfeeding. Breast enhancement, the Natural Natural way! No drugs, surgery, pills, creams or exercises needed! Of course there is that whole nine months of pregnancy and then, don't forget the part about LABOR. They don't call it that for nothing, let me tell you what! 20 hours from start to finish. Now I'm just hoping for 12 hours. That would be grand! Labor, hah! They should make up a word that isn't used by men to describe working in a coal mine, or on a farm, or in a logging camp. That's not labor. Put a man with a 30lb pack on the front of him on a hospital gurney and tell him to breath unnaturally for 20 some hours, while having all sorts of strangers examine areas of you meant for your spouse and then push that pack out his nose while having everyone around you shouting for you to push. "WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE I'M DOING HERE? HAVING A TEA PARTY?" I can see the draw for home births. And if we weren't in a parsonage and weren't 30 mins away from a hospital, I'd do it!
Oh my goodness! I digress! I guess!
Forgive the rambling. Hope you enjoyed it. Now I am going to go rummage around for chocolate.


Anonymous said...

Thanks! I needed that laugh tonight!


Rachel F. said...

You've made me famous! I actually got mentioned in someone's blog. LOL And don't worry, you were a good proofreader. :)