Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ok, so I lied... Sue me...

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I didn't keep up with the whole Sanctity of Life thingy. Sorry about that. Been crazy. My mother came in last week and then started the traveling. We visited my grandmother, whom I have not seen since I don't know when. She had not nice things to say about Andrew when she first met him and, well, I took offense to that, so didn't try to visit her. Plus we lived 8 hours away. But then I heard that she was in the hospital in the ICU, on a ventilator, I felt that I needed to see her. She had either bronchitis or pneumonia. Since my mom was already coming up we all just went to visit her. She has never met Nadia. She proceeds to kiss her on the lips! ARG! She's full-blooded Russian and is a very touchy, huggy, kissy person. They kiss everyone!! Anyway. We visited her. My mother was spoon feeding her. She doesn't want to eat. I don't like hospitals and was feeling queasy and lightheaded anyway. It was after lunch, we hadn't eaten and well I was not doing well.
We then went to my brother's house to try to pack up my stuff (from years ago) and my parents stuff (again from years ago). It was a very tense time. One thing I've learned and loved about my home with Andrew is that we are very open about everything. We may have a lot of disagreements, but we talk aobut everything! In my family of origin we don't talk about anything. And it hangs. Like a thick, dark thunder cloud waiting to drop. And it did. Several times. So we left when we could, and then Saturday night Nadia gets the stomach flu. Ew. Not sick for long, but long enough to be disturbed and upset by it. We watched more Veggietales than I'd like to count on Sunday just to keep her busy. I ended up getting sick with a severe cold on Monday, that had me out on the couch all day. If you all know me, you know that I don't sit for long. Well I was sitting. I was so weak I didn't even have the energy to hold up a magazine (Taste of Home, if you care to know.)
Then today I was up at 5am to take my mom back to the airport. That was the start of a fiasco that I'd rather not go into. Lets just say my mother is still at the airport at a hotel and leaves tomorrow. Oy.
I had a dr's appt today that went well.
Andrew is getting sick with the same cold. It's not a flu. I don't think. I'll have to look that up.

And I have a secret.....

I'll share next week.


Rachel F. said...

So are you going to share your secret, or what?! Hee hee! You know I love you!

nabil said...

i want meet u to be freind in the first