Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Story In Pictures

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What have I been up to? Well instead of just telling you I am going to bombard you with pictures because we took so many the past weekend and some are sooooo cute!

You haven't seen Nadia for a while and this was just adorable! She is sooooo cute! Yeah, I know, I'm biased. But I can be!

One cannot have too much cuteness in a day. So here is more.

Hubby took this one. The arm is a friend of ours. Just reminds me of what we are to be doing everyday. Reaching out to God. But He also reaches out to us.

This is my latest sewing project completed. This is Nadia's Christmas present. It is a denim pocket quilt. I got the idea from here. I made it out of an old green skirt of mine and two pairs of old jeans from Andrew. It is so nice. I was very pleased at how well it turned out. It is large so it will grow with her and she can keep little buddies or whatever in the pockets. She loves blankets.

Here Nadia is helping with cleanup from cookie making (don't worry, it doesn't have any eggs.) This recipe came from my Secret Sister on crosswalk. We love these cookies and so does everyone else who eats them. Erin, can I share the recipe?

This is my VBFF (very best female friend!) of all time, Sara. She and her hubby Josh finally got to visit this past weekend. I missed her so. Here we are making supper and hammin' it for the camera.

We are having a bloodmobile at the church tomorrow and I volunteered to make cornbread. This is one of three cakes of the stuff. So good. I am also taking some of the leftover cookies from the party on sunday (went well) and helping the canteen. I might also give a pint. I need a new t-shirt. :)

And finally, our humble tree. It was a pre-lit from Walmart for very very little money. But I love it and it is beautiful. Surprisingly Nadia is leaving it pretty well alone. But, we still have the durable ornaments on the bottom. :)



Jessica Morris said...

Nadia is so beautiful! You have such a precious little girl!!

Anonymous said...

Nadia is so pretty! And you are so lovely too

Chelsea Rae said...

Nadia is so cute! I can't believe how big she is.

Erin said...

Share away! Its the worlds BEST cookie, IMO. Nadia is too cute!!!