Sunday, December 30, 2007

Random Thoughts About Adoption

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I wasn't going to blog today. Today being Sunday and I try not to do anything more than what is required of me, or more than I want to do. Like I'll sew on Sunday, because I LOVE it. Anyway, we have a 50th Wedding Anniversary renewal of vows down at the church in 30 mins. I'm going to be late, Nadia's napping and if I got her up in the middle of that I would first kick myself and second not really be able to see the ceremony anyway. She is a routine girl and needs her sleep. So we'll go to the reception. 50 years, can you imagine? What a blessing.
Anyway, for some reason adoption has been on my mind and I have been bombarded with it for the past week or so. I've seen commercials and heard Christian songs, even one of the blogs I frequent has an article on it. Andrew and I have both said we'd adopt and we want to. I guess I thought I wanted at least one more biological child before we did that. I love being pregnant, I love carrying a child, but I also want to open my home and my love to children who don't have that. We are trying for another child and really have only been trying for like 2 months or so. Haven't really kept track. Just kinda easin into things. I am truly content right now with Nadia. I'd be content if I got pregnant. I just am ok right now with where we are at and with what could happen. But I do want more children. And I do want to carry at least one more, but I do want to adopt. And so I don't know if God is preparing my heart for this or if it is a step we are to take right away. I don't know. Adoption is so expensive though! We are on a pastors salary. I don't know how we would be able to afford it. Seems so wrong though, when there are children who spend so much time in foster care and we could take care of them! I know, though, just because of Nadia's age, I wouldn't want to adopt any child older than what she is. I don't know why, but just seems prudent.
I am going to continue to pray about this. I've brought it up to Andrew and am not going to say anything until the Lord prompts him. Then I'll know it's time. Until then we will just be at ease with the whole TTC. I don't want to get in a tizzy about it. I did last time. If God wants us to bear another child, we will. No fussing or pushing on our part will change His time. Oh I'll still pray for it. But I will enjoy where I am at right now. And, when we get pregnant, I will enjoy that too. Did I mention I love being pregnant?

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