Friday, April 27, 2007

Good News On the Home Front

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Just thought I'd check in after being AWOL for a week from the net. We traveled back home for the Regional Conference there. I worked the conference for my boss, taking pictures and writing a report for the paper. Got to do that yet. I have it started, but I have to finish it. Anyway, I went into the conference very negatively and discouraged. That was monday. It was a good day, but still downhearted. However, Tuesday night, the night of the ceremony, God sent several people our way to lift us up, to fill us with hope. The pastoral couple that I took my internship under (I took my internship in the SW with the Navajo) were there at the conference. I talked briefly with them about our struggles while admiring the beautiful Navajo jewlery they had there. It is well worth the money they ask for it, but I cannot spend money on something that is a want. Later the pastor's wife came up to me, embraced me while shoving something in my hand. She spoke words of encouragement and hope to me. I don't remember all that she said, I just remember that it was much needed. I was lifted. I looked later at the pieces she gave, a beautiful ring, one I was admiring and a wonderful bracelet. I was blessed, I was very blessed. Then another pastor came by, one who is the head of one of the committees and arranged a meeting with another head of a committee (the committee that places pastors!). And then the Director of the Region and his wife sat down and had dinner with us! What words of encouragement they spoke to us! We both were lifted. It was needed. What was so wonderful about all of that is it showed me that God cares about the state of our hearts. He cares that we cry even though He knows how it will turn out. It's like when Nadia cries about leaving Pooh in her crib, I comfort her even though I know she will have him again in a few hours. He cares that we hurt. And that means so much to me.
The ceremony went very well, I am so proud of my husband. He is a pastor now! I was able to get some great shots of the lisentients and the ordinands. I don't know if I spelled those words right or not, but they used them in the ceremony, so I am too.
We have some serious opportunities for jobs available to us that we are excited about. Please pray for wisdom and the ability to hear His voice in this. We are so excited.
Thank you again for your prayers and please continue to pray. Just thought I'd give a little update.

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