Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Dancing, Jigging....But not at the same time

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I am doing a little dance today. God has blessed me through my husband....again.
About two-three weeks ago my little rotating, umbrella-like outdoor clothes line fell over....AGAIN. In fact, it so liked the falling, it did it THREE times. Of course, I had it laden with heavy, wet clothing. And of course, Andrew was at work. Of course it fell into the freshly tilled garden and of course, I lifted it up all three times, muttering what a terrible piece of tin this thing was. I was waiting, just waiting for my neighbor to walk up his driveway and start chuckling. Hm, chuckle. Yeah, it's funny.
Anyway, in the midst of all that warring with my aluminum friend, it got bent. I mean really, the arms bent up in a most modern art-like way. Well the line was mixed up so terribly, meanwhile clothes, wet clothes, mind you, and clothes pins were all in this jumble too. I was not to be outdone. Nooooo way was a clothesline going to get the best of me. I left all of those clothes on there to dry. Well except for the now dirty ones. Took those off and washed them again. By the end of the day, however, most of them got thrown in the dryer, because there was not a lot of airflow between the clothes. Most were layered on each other. Sigh.
Fast forward to yesterday. I had done my research and knew what type of clothesline I wanted. I wanted a real one. Like what my mother had when I was growing up. A nice pulley system, so that I don't have to walk, drag, walk, drag, walk, drag to put up laundry. I told Andrew of my plans (which by the way, I think most men like it when you present to them what your end result is, what you need and how you need it, I don't think they like all of the inbetween figuring out. Well at least my man likes that!) and asked him if I could pick up the stuff. He said sure!
So off Nadia and I went to Home Depot.
I should've found a woman.
Nay, I should've found a woman who hangs laundry.
Instead I found a woman, who found me a man, who said (in a home improvement store) 'no we don't have anything that will help you'. Excuse me? I wanted a wooden pole, preferrably treated, two pulley's (big honkin pulley's), line and the screws and so forth. I was told that the wood would warp and not be very good for that. Really? Then what, pray tell, do you sell to people who are making DECKS!!!
Anyway, they told me to go to a store that sells things for landscaping. Really? Ok. So before I go there I use the store phone to call and see their hours. 8-9, great, but they don't sell clothesline stuff. Go to Tractor's Supply.
So I stuff Nadia back in the car and we head merrily off to TS. They don't have the big honkin pulley's, haven't carried that stuff for years. DOESN'T ANYONE HANG THEIR CLOTHING ANYMORE OUTSIDE TO DRY??
Ahem. Then, I see, shining in the distance like a beacon, Menards. One last try.
I again stuff a now disgruntled Nadia back in the car and head to my one last try.
I find a woman, who has hung clothing in her parents backyard for years.
Thank you Lord!
Well they didn't have the pulley's but I revamped my plans, made an executive decison and went with a crossbar with two lines out to the tree and back. Andrew was impressed with my planning and subsequent change of plans and put it in that night.
Right now, ladies (and gentlemen?), I have a beautiful clothesline that I am proud to call mine, that I am proud to hang my shirts on, my diapers (well not mine....). I am so fond of this new thing I want to take it with me when we move. But it's cemented in the ground, that's not gonna happen.

On another note.... I got a new dishwasher!!!!
Oh it's new to me, but it's like 17 years old. However, it's nicer than the one we had before. Mainly because I don't shriek and holler everytime I walk past "Awwww, crap, it's leaking again!" The stinkin think leaked so much. I was ready to give it a diaper. Well I kinda did. I would stuff rags underneath. It was a portable. We had to turn it everytime we wanted to run it. This one is quieter, we don't have to turn it, it gets the dishes cleaner. I am loving it!

I can thank my hubby for both of these things. He's a good man.

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