Sunday, May 06, 2007

When It Rains......

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To say we are stressed is an understatement. To say we are inundated with calls and projects and places to go and people to see is an understatement. Ever since the Regional Conference we went to, what, two weeks ago, it seems like life has taken a turn and is on the expressway. Do not get me wrong! These are good things! Let me elaborate.
We were contacted at the Regional Conference by a pastor and his elder about a position at their church. We currently have an interview with said church at the end of the month (your prayers are welcome and needed!). Also, we were contacted last evening by a church that contacted us months ago, but could not afford the salary. Time has a way of sorting things out and they are now able to pay the package that we would need. That is good. However, we now have two church with which to discuss things with and that leaves us sort of discombobulated. Would this be any other job, we would interview all at the same time. However, this is not. It's so different. Do we do one at a time? Or all together? That is something to figure out. Also into this equation is 16 hour round trips, for both churches. Both are in PA, but one is north and one is south. Ugh, what to do! And how do we hear God on this? I mean both can pay what we need, yay! (Which means health insurance, which means we could have another baby!) but we don't want to go solely on who can pay more. We are not in it for that. Just what we need, thank you. And these past almost two years have shown us that we can live on a lot less than what we initially thought. We didn't have health insurance, but we have our health. I value that more. So we are trying to figure that out.
We also agreed to taking a membership class at the church we currently attend. Our thought was, this is where we are at, we could be here for another five years (yikes!) or another five months. But this is where we are at. Well we started the classes and now these things are happening.
My best friend is getting married in less than two months. I am the Matron of Honor, so that means I am throwing her a shower, just a relaxing thing. To the lake. It will be relaxing and nice, but that is right and I do mean right, after we get back from the interview at the end of this month. Also I am making her wedding dress and the jacket to go with it. Eck! It is going well, but it is cutting close. She lives over an hour away, so time together to fit and such is short. I am still working so finding time to sew is at a premium. My husband is the photographer for it (which leaves me sort of out for it, I am usually his right hand man, er, woman for weddings. I will help as I can.) And my daughter is the flower girl. We are all involved. The wedding is over an hour away.
Keep in mind that for all of the meetings we will need to take time off of work to go. That means less money coming in. It is all very confusing. I know God is in control and believe me I am excited at the opportunities. It is good stress. However, it is stress, nonetheless.
So that is life at high speed ahead, please join us in our prayers. Please pray for peace, wisdom, understanding and discernment. We need it.

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