Saturday, April 29, 2006

You're on a mission and I'm in your way. That's what I just told him. That's what my dad used to do. He'd get on a cleaning binge and everything and everyone was in his way. So I learned to stay out of it. I was trying to have a meaningless conversation with him about face wipes for Nadia. Just trying to create conversation. Trying to get his opinion, because it counts to me, I want to know what he thinks. Yes, even with the small, unimportant stuff. But all I got was grunts and huffs. Good grief. Makes me so mad. So I'll just stay out of his way.
Then I find him making fried potatoes for himself. After the supper I made and he wants potatoes! That hurts.
Anyway. I tore apart an old comforter today, I'm going to make a guest quilt out of it and some old blankets. I tried to make yogurt. Didn't go. Tried to make a loaf of oat bread, didn't go. Two experiements crashed. Ugh. Disgusting. Made face wipes for Nadia for when she eats and didn't cost me a dime. (Old baby towels, water and baby soap in an old sugar container, set by the table, wha-la, face wipes! No more using napkins or paper towels! We're saving money baby!)
so I"ll have to figure out what I did wrong with the yogurt. Somethings not right. Maybe I'll try it with milk next time, I used reconstituted dried milk. It's been in the oven for 10 hours, should be done by now. I'll check it again.
So anyway. That was my saturday. Besides the normal nursing, changing dipes (which is another area of contention with me. I want him to change more diapers on a saturday and what happens? I am changing the same amount, plus watching her just as much, so that HE can get things done. What like I don't want some ME time too?) I could scream, but I'd wake the baby.
I'm going to go check the yogurt.


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