Sunday, January 24, 2010

Body Respect

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You all know that I have been (in vain) trying to loose weight and stuck at the same weight since June of 09. It's frustrating. I've tried everything. And I'm stuck. Simply stuck.

I subscribe to two fitness magazines. I received my Shape mag yesterday and read an article that has changed me.
I stopped fighting myself and became more forgiving of my body.
This quote is from Katharine McPhee. Now most of the time I could care less what celebrities have to say about whatever. I know they are real people with real thoughts, but their fantasy world effects those real thoughts. But this has value.

I have been berating and bemoaning my body for years. It's time to stop. I need to do just as she said, stop fighting and start forgiving my body. It's done so much for me. It has shed 120 lbs, it has grown two beautiful, healthy babies. It does work out and move on a regular basis. It is healthy, it is beautiful, it is strong. And (since we are near the time of Roe v Wade) it was fashioned by God's hands to do His will. Maybe it doesn't look exactly what I want it to look like, but that's ok. (this is the weird part) Body I forgive you. It's ok. Let's work together to be healthy, in mind, in spirit and in body.  I'll do my part to give you what you need, so that you can do what I need.  Thanks for everything. 

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