Thursday, December 03, 2009

Exercise Regimen

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I thought I'd update on the exercise program I've been doing. It seems for a while that I was just waffling from this and that, doing one thing for a day or two and then switching. I was bored. My results were plateauing and I was frustrated. Well that has changed.

I am currently doing The New Rules for Lifting for Women. I've been doing it since we came back from vacation in early September. At last count I've dropped 9.5 inchess all over. I haven't lost any pounds, but that's ok. That means I'm increasing my lean muscle mass, which eats up more calories than fat in a day. I'm leaning out. Which I like.

With this book comes an eating program (what weight loss book doesn't?). It promotes eating your maintance calories. There is a formula for figuring that out. I could not believe how many calories I was supposed to be eating! But I went with it. I figured I'd give the program a try. And while I haven't lost any pounds from the scale, I also haven't gained any. I know I am loosing fat, as a result of the measurements. So I'm eating more (yay!) and loosing weight. Um, yeah, I think I'll take that!

The first stages are pretty simple and short. I began to think 'is this all there is?'. But then as the stages progress the workouts get longer and more intense. Stage three adds in HIIT (high intensity interval training). It doesn't take a day for me to 'feel' it anymore. And I'm spending about an hour or more down in the basement. The rest time between sets is so long I can get laundry, ironing and even sewing done. I figure if I am down there I should get something else done too.

I do the strength training three days a week, another three I spend doing short cardio, ab work, or stretching. I take one day off a week. When I am done with this book I will continue in this routine but will fashion it for myself. I won't have it be so long. I'm going to have to start getting up earlier to get it done.

So it seems to be working. I enjoy it and it challenges me. I just thought I'd send that along.

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