Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happy Birthday to Moi!

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Yesterday was my birthday!! I'm 30 now! I can finally feel like an adult, whatever. Here are a few pics of my day.

My wonderful hubby and children made me a lovely card.  Andrew took a huge sheet of paper and traced all of their feet on it.  There were 30 toes, a wonderful way to remember turning 30!  And I had requested a washboard for my birthday since there are so many times that I am washing something out by hand, or trying to get a stain out.  I used it today and it's nice!  It's a lot less wear and tear on the clothes for stains, I used to rub the clothing together.  And I get the clothing cleaner when I'm just hand washing.  Andrew got it from the Columbus Washboard Company, I think he got a good price.  It is well made and I love it!

Earlier that day the ladies of my prayer group threw me a mini surprise party, with cake and presents.  I got my homemade cake.  Then in the early evening the family all trekked to the 'city' for Olive Garden.  I was able to get a part for my sewing machine to machine quilt and we also hit Jo-Annes for some needed things for sewing.

All in all it was a very good day.  I made up my mind to have a good day and I did!

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Bethany said...

Happy Birthday!! My 30's have been FAR better than my 20's, so look forward to yours and enjoy!!