Thursday, December 03, 2009

Sewing Sewing Sewing!!!

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I promised myself I wasn't making any Christmas gifts this year, as I was working furiously on Andrew and I's new quilt.  Welllll, promises, promises.  Nadia's robe was getting seriously short.  I had to make her a new one.  Since I had made one for myself and had a pattern and fabric for one for her, I just thought I'd bang it out.  Well I did and here it is!

It goes to her ankles, which is good, because she likes to put it on right after bath.  The sleeves were too long, but I folded them up so that when she grows I can let them out.  Do you like the nice little button embellishments on the pockets?  She picked them out.  I think it makes it look cute!

Just thought I'd interject some pics of my kids because they are so darn cute! 

Here is the quilt I am working on for Andrew and I.  Here is Andrew modeling said quilt.  I have two more rows to put on, then I'll be able to quilt it up!  I am planning on tying it.  I think that will go the best with this sort of scrappy country quilt. 

Now for those of you who are not of this sort (ie - men) please stop reading.  Don't say you weren't warned. 

I have made my own feminine care.  The colorful pad on the right is actually a pantiliner.  It has three flannel layers on top, a layer of pul and then a final layer of flannel.  I keep the wings attached with a small safety pin.  I've made 8.  Works great.  The other two are for my actual cycle.  The grey/white flannel is a base.  I made four of them, because I use a Diva.  I mostly need backup.  The base itself is a layer of flannel, pul and another layer of flannel.  The white part you see is leftover diaper.  I had used a few of Rhys' newborn cloth diapers, cut out the middle to use as a doubler and saved the sides.  I stitched around the edges and made a great insert.  I also designed said system to be able to put a pantiliner underneath the removable pad for the really heavy days.  That way I don't have to change the base as often (I don't have to make as many).  I've been using the pantiliners and they work great.  I'll let you know how the pads work.  So far they wash up nicely and dry overnight.  I can put them in the dryer, but I want to prolong the life of them, so I don't. 

Here is where I got the idea for the pads/pantiliners. (Two separate links there.)

This is where I bought the pul from.  She has seconds and ends.  You can get a really great price on the stuff and I bought too much, but it doesn't go bad, so I figure I can just keep it and replenish my supply as needed.  Now that I know how. 

So that's what I've been up to.  I'm planning on making a nightgown, a pair of pants and finishing a skirt from two years ago.  But, yeah, I can do that. 

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