Tuesday, October 14, 2008


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Pray for my hubby today. He is traveling a couple of hours to the capitol city to take his oral ordination exam. He's a bit nervous about it, but I think he will do fine. Just keep him in your prayers.

Pray for me, this is the first day I'm alone by myself all day. I'll be fine as I have errands I'm running today. Sunday was a very bad day. Very bad. But yesterday was the first day I actually felt like smiling. I think it's beginning to work. I actually had time where my heart wasn't gripped in fear. I felt calm, normal. It felt good. It gave me a reprieve, hope.

Btw, Luvs diapers haven't leaked so far. Everything else has. I'm waiting on cloth covers. The boy is so skinny he doesn't have any fat on his legs to seal up diapers. Leaks like a bad pipe.


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