Thursday, October 23, 2008

Postpardum Care....

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Should be more than the obligatory vag check to tell you you can use tampons, exercise and have sex.

Should be more than a weight check to see how much 'extra' you've gained from your pregnancy.

Should be more than a blood pressure check.

Should be more often than just 6 weeks later.

Should be longer than 10 minutes.

Should be more than just a question about moods or baby blues.

Postpardum depression is real, does happen that fast and is serious. If you have friends who have babies ask them if they have it. If they do, help them get the help they need. Ask them everyday what they are doing to get help. Take them to the dr, or watch their kids. Offer financial help if they need it. And whatever you do, don't belittle them for their feelings. There is nothing worse than feeling alone in this. Feeling like a horrible mother. Than feeling like your family would be better off without you. And it's not something you can just 'pull yourself out of'.

If you love your postpardum friends you will do this for them more often than bringing a meal. It can get real bad, real fast.

And I'm not joking.


Anonymous said...

are you doing any better? Can I call you? Would that be alright with you?

Shannon said...

I'm worried about you.