Thursday, August 21, 2008

Not So Much To Do....

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So it's been a week, and where am I at on my Baby To Do list? Well you'd be impressed. So far I have done (highlighted in red):

  • clean out kitchen fridge
  • clean out garage fridge
  • organize all freezers (kitchen, deep freeze and garage fridge freezer)
  • make and freeze meals
  • baby's room furniture
  • Andrew's vest
  • lace on bathroom curtain
  • basement curtains
  • clean car
  • dig flower bed
  • transplant bulbs
  • organize basement
  • find pre pregnancy clothes
  • sam's club list and order, tires
  • Co-op order
And my meals are as follows:
  • Double batch of pizza dough, makes 4 pizza crusts
  • Thick Minestrone Soup - 2 meals
  • Enchilito's - 1 meal
  • Monterey Beans and Cheese - 4 meals
  • Crusty Mexican Bean Bake - 2 meals
  • Cottage Cheese Casserole - 2 meals
  • Tangy Tuna Mac - 1 meal
  • Layered Zucchini - 2 meals
  • Beef Tamale Bake - 2 meals
And the things in blue? Well my sewing machine decided it wasn't going to do buttonholes anymore, so Andrew's vest is on hold, again. I've had the stuff for this vest since last years Father's Day. And the baby room furniture? Well it's all done and put together, I am just waiting on a changing table someone is giving us. Hopefully we'll get it soon. After we get that, I just need to stuff it full of baby stuff.

I was intellegent and planned to make some of these meals for this pay period's menu. I'll just make big batches. So that will take care of some of those. And the items on the to do list are slowly being knocked off. Like the Sam's Club and Co-op order. I can't pick those up until Sept 12, that's when the Co-op will be in. And I will pick that up in the city, which is where Sam's is. That's really driving me crazy that that will be on my list that long. Oh well. I hope I last that long.

I'm waiting on doing the kitchen fridge until it gets closer. I just did it not so long ago, so it doesn't look bad. Just will need a wiping down.

And I've come to the 'ouchy' part of pregnancy. I wake up in the morning sore. I can only sleep on my sides, so my shoulders get sore and achy from laying on them all night long. I'm starting to get the snide comments about being so big and it's not funny people. I'm hungry again, I mean like, even more so, and that means baby is growing again. My midwife gets a funny grin on her face when she feels the size of the baby. He's big. Her guess at time of arrival? About the same time we think too. Right around the time I need to go to the city to pick up my Sam's order! I could very well be in labor when I pick all this stuff up. Great. And I buy blocks of cheese to be cut up into smaller chunks and frozen. Oh well, keeping busy during labor is a good thing right?

And I am constantly thankful for our decision to stay at home for this baby. I just love my midwife. We have the same interests in other things besides just the birth of this baby. Her belief in the Lord is strong. That is so good. That is probably her strongest asset to me. She is very educated and experienced and I feel safe in her hands. I feel I can trust her. I am actually excited to have this baby and I mean have, as in I'm excited about the birth. I am not afraid. I feel like I'm in a good place right now. I thank the Lord for that.

I've been buying up some last minute things, like having more Red Raspberry Tea on hand, snappi's for diapers, extra's of my vitamins, stuff like that. So that I won't have to worry about getting it when the baby comes.

That's been life so far. I'll post an updated picture next week, I am OCD, so I have to be on even weeks. I know I know. But hey, we all have some mental illness, isn't that what they say? I sure hope so.

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