Thursday, August 14, 2008

Birthday Highlights

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Nadia had her third birthday this past weekend and I thought I'd share some of the pics with you. It was a good day and we all had fun. However, I don't think we'll be doing birthday parties for any of our children under the age of five from now on. The attention span was just too short at this age. Nonetheless, we all had fun.

Now for your viewing pleasure....
Nadia opened presents from her Grandmom and Grandpop the night before and got this cool little crown, she called herself a 'king.' We tried to explain that kings were men, be she insisted she was a king.

Since we didn't get clearance from other parents to put pics of the other girls, it will all be of Nadia. You can't be too sure these days. But there were three other little girls there. Truely a 'gaggle'.
We painted.

Grandpop always loves getting his fingers dirty.
My Andrew is a master story teller. One of his best 'pastoral' and 'papa' traits. Makes for a very good scripture reader. I could listen to him all day.

We also all made our own pizzas! The girls loved getting down and dirty with their food. And everyone had just what they wanted.

The theme, if there was one, was pink and purple butterflies. Here was the cake. I didn't tilt it all that much, I have visions of the cake flopping face first on the floor. Oh the horror!
And that was the day! It was exhausting. I am so glad it's over with! But I'm glad we were able to do it for her. She had fun.

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Shannon said...

Cute! That looks like quite a party! I love the pic of your hubby reading to all the girls. It doesn't get better than listening to daddies read ;)