Friday, August 15, 2008

Forgot to mention....

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Although 'D-Day' is September 24, I have to make it to September 3. That is the day I'll be 37 weeks. My midwife says that typically baby boys are prone to more problems after birth than girls. So 37 weeks is the day that we are shooting for. After that he can come whenever he wants to. And truthfully, I'd be happy with that! Hubby and I have our own day in mind as to when he will come, but we're not sharing. I might add that hubby predicted when Nadia would come, and did it correctly! With the way this baby is poking me, goodness, I hope he's not late! I might add, though, that I have a co-op order to pick up in the 'city' along with my Sam's Club and tires shopping trip. The co-op only delivers once a month in this area, and that delivery is set for Sept 10. But I wouldn't be able to pick up till Sept 12. Sooo...... We'll see.

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