Sunday, July 29, 2007

It's Down To The Wire Now...

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It's less than a week till we move. I think it's taking it's toll on me. I've been nauseous the past two weeks off and on. No, I'm not pregnant. I haven't even ovulated yet. I know these things, I keep very close tabs on them. It's stress. I know that.
Things are coming together. We have very little to pack now. I mean, yeah, we have things to pack, but most of it can be done within a day or two. You know, it's the last minute stuff.
Andrew heard from the church. We had told them that our move date originally was two weeks later, so they planned on that. But then we moved it up, because that's when most of our help could come. And so the church had already made plans for their pulpit supply pastor to have his last sunday on the 12. Well that would be our first sunday. So, Andrew won't be preaching, which will be nice. We will be able to just go to church and concentrate that week previous on settling in. Nice. His first official day will be August 14, board meeting. Which is in the evening and so he has basically one whole week to focus on settling in and two weeks until a sunday. I'm excited.
He's been going through his childhood this past weekend and selling it on ebay. YAY! He's made quite a sum. I'm glad for that. It will help with moving in that, less to move and more money with which to move.
Oh and our first sunday there is the sunday school picnic. It's at a parishioners house who has a pool. I pray I don't have my cycle. I pray I have less cellulite. I pray I can find my swimsuit. I bought a new one. It looks really nice.
Today was our last sunday at our church. It's bittersweet. Many didn't know it was our last sunday. I will miss them. The sermon was very apropos. It seems that God is wasting no time in using our last month of sundays to prep us or explain to us His meaning for the last year. It has been good.
Well I am going to go on hiatus for a bit as I don't know when we will be back on after we move. I don't suppose it will be long, but I will just ask for prayers and thank you for those prayers.
We pack the truck August 5 and move out August 6.
Hopefully the next update you get, I'll be in PA!

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