Thursday, June 28, 2007

Things That Go Boom!

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Well as promised a more thorough update....again.

The candidating at the northern church went very well. The travel was beautiful and we again fell in love with the area. It's in the mountains. *sigh* I live in flatlands, but grew up in the mountains. Anyway. We stayed at the home of one of the parishioners, very nice people. Nadia even had her own room! You do not know how nice that is! Or maybe you do! Anyway. Sunday morning dawned bright and clear and just beautiful. The people were very warm and inviting and I felt right at home. Andrew preached passionately and strong. It's one of the things I love about my husband. His sermon was well received. They had a wonderful potluck for us afterwards. Those people know how to cook! If this happens and they have a lot of these things, I'm going to be gaining a lot of my weight back. Ugh. Anyway. The one thing that I wanted to share about this is that my husband and I really want to go to this church. We can see ourselves being a part of this family and loving this family. I want to serve with this church. We really want this. And I was told by more than a few people that they want us there. So we feel pretty good about this.
We are already thinking about moving and those sort of things. I have no idea as to when we will move. Maybe a month? It all depends on my job, really. Andrew can leave at the drop of a hat, I need to leave two weeks notice, but I can't just put in two weeks notice. I need to train someone to take my place. So they have to find someone to take my place, that person needs to put in their two week notice, and then I could train them. I would think it would only take a week to train them, but I could be wrong. My boss said she could finish up anything I didn't get to. I hate to put that on her plate, she's so busy as it is right now. But it will all work out. I'm not concerned. Nevertheless we are constantly looking at our stuff and getting rid of what we don't need or want. I don't want to move with a whole bunch of needless things.
Sara's dress is done! The garters are almost done and I just need to put the little hook on the front of the jacket and make the flower purse for my daughter. I know that sounds like a lot, but these are easy projects, done in an afternoon or evening. I'm not stressing. I'll probably work on some of the garters tonight while we watch a movie. I will show pictures of everything next week after the wedding is over. I don't want to 'give' away the dress yet. I don't feel that's right.
I made my skirt and it turned out wonderfully! I so wanted to do something that was not related to the dress, so I made my skirt and wore it this last Sunday. It's nice. I really like it.
We had a nice visit with my parents last week. It was good to see them. Although I am a bit worried about my dad, he's been getting a lot of headaches and my mother has been having more than is normal forgetfulness. I am concerned about that. It's not the normal forgetfulness.
I've been looking up midwives in the area of the church. I found two! The one is in a practice with a female OB/GYN DO. That is what I have now and I like it. But I really want a midwife. She is 23 miles away. But all the other OB's are MD's and OLD. I would be willing to go with a MD if they were younger, you know, more willing to work with me instead of telling me what to do.
The Lord has impressed upon me to focus more on Him rather than my anger. My anger is something that needs to be fixed, but if I focus on Him, He will do the work in me and know how best to 'fix' it. I struggle with knowing what to do to make it go away and therefore nothing changed. I remain angry and react poorly. I want this changed. I don't like it anymore. But my focus is to be on God and not the anger. To be aware of it is one thing, but to focus solely on it is not the answer. It's like when one is going to speak and is nervous, the more one focuses on being nervous the more nervous that person is. It's a vicious cycle.
We got rain today. We haven't had rain in like three or so weeks. We needed it. If only Texas could send some of that rain our way.
Well it's about time for someone to go to bed, so I will sign off.

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