Thursday, June 07, 2007

Good News Again!

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I'm just all full of good news, which is a welcome change from a few months ago.
We have a candidating Sunday at the northern church on June 24. YAY! This is what we were hoping for. Now we don't have the job yet, but since Andrew already interviewed and did a mini-sermon a few weeks ago, he is already approved by the council. It is probably going to be a congregational vote, but if the council approved him, we are thinking that unless there is something really wrong that comes up, it will pretty much be a rubber stamp. I can't say that for sure, that is our best and most hopeful guess. And as for moving? Well we figure we'll know maybe by the first week in July and then, well we'd have to let our jobs know, I'll have to train someone and we'll have to pack and move. We are insanely thinking a month. Yeah, right, I know. But this is all speculation. We don't have the job yet, but we are one step closer. And being that we are the only candidate at this point, the only one they've had in two years, it could very well be the place God wants us. Continue to pray in this direction. We want to know if He wants us here, we think He does. We are feeling its a fit. But you know how those things can change. Just pray He clearly shows us and we clearly hear it!
Oh and I forgot to mention, I am only 9 lbs away from my lifetime goal. Pray this happens too! I have been trying to get here for years and it would be so nice to reach this. It seems this last couple of pounds have been a little harder to loose, but they are coming off, so I'll keep on keeping on. This makes 31 lbs in all. Yay! I can't wait to make that skirt. That'll be for next time.


Kim said...

Oh Kathryn, congrats! That's great news about the candidating Sunday! You all will definitely be in my prayers for knowledge and confirmation that God wants you there.

Congrats also on your incredible weight loss!!! It must be so nice to be *this* close to a lifetime goal

Kathryn said...

Yes, it is. It makes me wonder, what do I do, now that I'm making my goal? What to do next? Maybe a marathon?

We'll see....

Thanks for your prayers!