Monday, May 21, 2007

Making A Break For It

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I thought I'd post on here since I probably won't for about two weeks, at least.

We leave tomorrow for PA. Wednesday hubby has an interview at the northern church and friday with the southern church. Please pray for us.

He got a call from another pastor in MI that is talking about an associates position. I'm not holding my breath. Not to say I'm not grateful, it's just not sounding too promising.

Nadia and Andrew both seem to be over their colds. Although Andrew has a lingering cough that seems to happen to him after colds in the spring and fall. Don't know why. He's tried everything. I'm beginning to think it's allergies.

I started to get a cold from the both of them, but I stopped it in it's tracks. I'll share my secret. Take two garlic cloves, cut them up so that they are small and swallow with water. I recommend doing this before bed, that way you can't offend people with your breath. Just your hubby, or wife. And, well, they took vows, right? Garlic can't be that bad. And if you both do it, you don't even notice! I did this for two days right at the start of it and no sign of a cold. YAY! I am going to do this everytime. It does make EVERYTHING about you stink though. But hey, I'd rather be stinky than stuffy.

Nadia has started an additude of late. She just simply won't do what I say. It's frustrating. I know I am learning too.

I should get to bed. It's only 9.30 but I'm tired and I want to get up at 5am so I can work out, get ready, get Nadia ready, eat and be on the road by 7am. That's what Andrew wants and I want to do it for him, but I'm not sure it's going to happen. We'll see.

Please be in prayer for us, I will post if I can.


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