Monday, September 18, 2006

Working again.....

Seems like I'm always working on a deadline for the Gem. I get it done and no sooner turn around and it's a month later and I need to get it done. Ugh.

I got a new cast iron dutch oven for like 10 bucks! I love this thing! But found out not to do stews, or soups until it's throughly seasoned. Like after doing a chicken or a roast or some bacon. I thought I could do a stew, yummy!! Started the first half of it, put the lid on, came back 20 mins later and it was black! It wasn't burnt, it's just that the soup I had done before had leached all the seasoning out. Ew. I felt horrible. Here we are strapped as it is and I have to throw out food. It was only carrots (from our garden) celery, onions and lentils, but still, it's food. Oh well.

Went up to MI this weekend, hubby preached. It was one of the most spirit filled, passionate, full of vigor and vim that I've heard him preach in a while. The man's got a gift. What a shame he isn't using it more often. I love to hear him preach. We are CGGC'ers, but at a Baptist church this weekend, he almost got baptist!! I was surprised. But oh was it good. I shan't tire of hearing him every weekend for the rest of my life. Not when God has His hand on him!

Nadia seems to be over this ear infection, I hope, I pray! She was in the best of moods today and today was a monday, and even after traveling for two days! She was so cute, talkative, funny, animated than I've seen her in a while. But she also took a 2 and half hour nap this afternoon, that we had to wake her up from. That is unheard of around these parts.

Well I'm not working anymore this evening. I've got so housework to do.
Blessings on ya!

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