Monday, September 11, 2006

Toddler Nadia

Nadia took her first steps on saturday. Much to the excitement of her parents. She hasn't done much since then, I guess she's bidding her time. But we are very excited at her development. She gets this really excited look on her face as if she knows how much we love it.

I am so very tired. I have a mess on the floor in the study and if I don't clean it up the baby will eat it.

Just wanted to say something small. To tired to think of anything else other than a bowl of cheerios. But I will not. I will not. I will not.

I will, however, take my yucky vitamins, take a bath and read my book.

I have obtained from the library two books, which I intend to buy. More With Less and Extending the Table. They are both cookbooks, with international flair. The recipes are very cheap, very healthy for you too. I made the next two weeks menu on these books alone and my list is so small. Yet, I know we will be eating well. It helps that I buy our fish in 9lb boxes frozen and my parents have kept us well supplied with groundbeef. It helps. We eat a lot of beans and lentils. Anyway, trying to work the food list down. Way down. Need to remember to buy that turkey breast at Great Scot's tomorrow.

I'll be seeing ya.

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