Saturday, March 05, 2011


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I've picked up another hobby. As if I needed another one, but I am LOVING this one!! I am crocheting now! I started last thursday and so far I've made a scarf and two headbands! I'm so much farther in my learning that I ever got with knitting. I just couldn't get it with knitting. But crocheting, well, I'm doing very well. At least I think so. Here's proof:

I made a similar headband for Nadia out of the leftover blue yarn that I used for the scarf.  Nadia is requesting a purse and a scarf like the one I made here.  I also have some other yarn for more headbands. I wear a lot of headbands to church.  So it's nice to have a variety.  I found this on one blog, but another blogger has great directions for it, as the first one was sketchy.  Here is the link for that.  

Crocheting is a nice mindless thing I can do while sitting with a sick boy, or waiting at the doc's, or in the evening when hubby wants to watch a guy flick and I have no interest other than being next to my man, or when I want to freak out and I need to put my attention somewhere else other than food, or tv, or the internet.  It's a nice new obsession.

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TammyIsBlessed said...

It IS fun isn't it? I need to get going on a few more projects - girls are waiting for hats!