Friday, September 12, 2008

I'm Nuts

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But I'm also pregnant, so that means it's normal, right? At least normal for this stage in the game, right?Our tomatoes have decided to come in. More than we can eat, but just enough to put up. So that means I've been canning. And canning. And canning. Truthfully I am thankful that baby hasn't come just yet, I wanted to be able to put up some of our produce before he came, because I knew that afterwards there would be no canning in this house at all. So I've canned whole tomatoes for use in soups, stews and what not. Hot peppers, because hubby loves them in his egg sandwiches in the morning. Herbed tomato juice, again makes a very nice stock in soups. Tomato sauce, which I need to do more of. Spaghetti sauce and pizza sauce. I also got a nice batch of pears given to us. They were very ripe and there was a lot. I knew I wouldn't be able to eat them all in time, so I made Pear-Apple Butter, which is divine! It's a lot different than Apple Butter. It has orange juice and zest in it, I added a little cinnamon and nutmeg, which makes it very Christmasy. We also got a bunch of blueberries and having already made a ton of things with fresh blueberries in the beginning of summer and having frozen some, I decided to dry them. Do you think I can still use the tiny little pebbles I found in my dehydrator a few days later? Maybe?
And the creme de la creme, is my sweet potatoes!! We dug them last night and they are beautiful! I wasn't too sure what they'd do but they are just georgeous! I am so stoked!! They have a beautiful red blush on the skin and the inside flesh is a creamy orange color. I love it. And taste? Oh the taste! Hubby wants me to make my sweet potato fries. I must say I am wanting them too. I am just so surprised they did so well. We dug up our Yukons last week and they also did very well. I had nothing to put them in for proper storage so I made a potato sack out of some muslin. I'm pretty proud of myself.
Hubby is away tonight for a new pastors orientation about 2 hours away. I miss him. This is the first night in our new home that I am alone. Oh I'm not alone, Nadia is here and she's a gem, but still it's weird. I have trouble sleeping when he's not here. Today was a busy day, Nadia had her 3 yr checkup today and got an unexpected shot. Then I was off to the city to pick up orders from the co-op and Sam's. And then I stopped by my midwife's office and she said that it was ok for Andrew to go, she doesn't think I'll have the baby tonight or tomorrow. And then I came home. By that time it was 6, Andrew helped me unload the car and then he was off. It's been a very stressful week for him, pray for him, if you don't mind. He needs rest. I hope he goes to bed early tonight and gets the sleep he needs. He'll be home tomorrow evening and if baby decides to start coming tomorrow, my mother in law will come up with hubby tomorrow evening. That would work out really well, then she wouldn't have to worry about driving. But hey, at this point I don't care. Today was a big day I wanted/needed to happen. We are well stocked on stuff, Nadia has had her dr's appt and so I feel like I am really ready at this point. I don't know if mental lists of things to do can keep a baby from coming, but at this point, I really don't have much more to do. I mean, every night I try to get the house in order so that if I go into labor that night or the following day I won't have to look at a mess. Which reminds me....
No belly pics today, I'm in my PJ's which isn't a pretty sight and hubby is gone, unless you want another self shot. I don't, so you aren't getting it. I'm smaller anyway because most of baby is in my pelvis!! It hurts, to say the least. Lets just say he is knocking on his door. Careful kid, you might get out sooner than you expected with that behavior!!
Gotta get to the dishes and wait for hubby's call. Will keep you updated on, well, me!


Rachel F. said...

Oh, Kathryn, I'm so excited for you! Any time now, huh? I'm glad you've gotten all your stuff done--wow, I don't get that much done and I'm not preggo. You've been in my prayers constantly during the last week or so. I'm ready to go into overtime whenever I get "the call." I've got to remember to keep my cell phone plugged in and on by the bed so I don't miss you. Praying that your little boy stays put until Andrew gets home!!! Love ya!

Shannon said...

So jealous of all your produce! Our garden didn't do well this year; it was just way too hot and dry. Hopefully next year will be better. I hope you're feeling good. I'll be praying for you guys this week. Will you post the recipe for the pear/apple butter? Sounds wonderful.

Stacy said...

Yay for tomatoes! We just picked up a 25 lb case from our co op and are debating what to do with them. I've never tried canning and don't have any jars, so I think we'll make things and freeze in ziploc bags. I did find this recipe for roasted tomatoes in olive oil though.

Jaime M. Cranmer said...

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