Saturday, July 19, 2008

What's Goin' On At My House?

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Since I am in dire need to update my blog, I thought I'd do it in pictures. Everyone loves pictures. I will try to put an updated belly pic in tomorrow. I am so big. Ugh. Hubby will need to put the wide lens on.
I have been baking bread like it's going out of style. I have been baking about two loaves everyday. We go through one loaf about every three days, so that means a whole lot more are in the fridge. My freeze-meals-so-I-don't-have-to-cook idea is going ok, but at this rate, we'll have bread for three months after baby gets here. It's easier for me to bake two everyday, than to have to do six at once. This mama is just wearing out. And these are my gardens. The first is the one side of the main garden, just beyond it you can see the corn. The second pic is the other half to the main garden, and beyond it you can see my potato patch. The third pic is my tomatoes and pepper garden. Did you know that if you plant peas close to onions, the peas will taste like onions? Not bad actually. These are pics of Nadia's new room. We got everything changed over. We installed roller shades, which work really well for cutting light, and I made some valances for her windows. I know they're short, but she liked them. You can see the horse pillows on her bed, she picked those too. Nothing spectacular, but it's hers and it's for her. I want her to feel that this is her spot. She can redecorate later.

These are pics of hubby baking. Yes, my husband bakes. One thing. Seven layer, magic cookie bars. His specialty. He loves em, I love em, and everyone who eats em loves em. So he was taking a break from all the yard work he was doing (he doesn't normally look that grungy) and putting together a double batch for two picnics we have this weekend. They were a hit! We didn't take anything home except what we couldn't dislodge from the sides of the pan (but that's the best part!) I'll show you a pic along with the recipe tomorrow when he cuts the second batch. And this is my daughter. Isn't she just adorable!! I had to include her. I just want to squeeze those cheeks!!
Incidentally, anyone notice how horrible purses are these days? I haven't bought a new one for a year. I'm in need of one. Anyone know of a good online WAHM who makes em?


Stacy said...

Um, I'm not a momma, but I make purses. You can check out my blog for pictures, and Nicole (inbetweendreams) on CW has ordered one.

Rachel F. said...

Wow! I am so jealous of your garden. Kevin was going to put one in, but then his back went out and there was too much going on. Oh, well. Maybe next year at the new place... I can only dream!

See you really soon!!!

Shannon said...

Wow, you guys eat a lot of bread! Have you checked etsy for purses?

TammyIsBlessed said...

Check out this site for purses and/or diaper bags.

TammyIsBlessed said...

I don't think that worked, let's try that again. You'll have to cut and paste to get it all I think.